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One of the most sure-fire ways to progress in your career is through reskilling and upskilling. But, enacting these buzz words is easier said than done, considering you typically need to shell out cash to learn new skills that are beneficial to your career or for an entirely new field you're looking to transfer. But before you take the plunge, you might want to consider taking online classes first and see if you're ready to commit to what you want to learn.

You can start your foray into future-proofing your career with these courses on sale. They typically cost thousands of dollars, but each is on sale for only $20 for only a few days. Take your pick:

Composed of 3 courses, this bundle aims to help you become an automation expert using Microsoft PowerShell. Expect to learn how to automate small daily tasks, so you can boost your efficiency. Normally $600, it's on sale for $20. 

There's never been a more opportune time to be well-versed in cybersecurity. This bundle nets you 114 hours of premium training, teaching you everything from ethical hacking to cloud computing to auditing information systems. It's usually $1,437, but you can get it today for $20.

Electrical engineering is an incredibly complex field, but in this bundle, you'll get a solid foundation in power engineering and learn everything from electric power systems and electrical substations to off-grid and on-grid solar energy. Normally $1,000, the course is on sale for $20.

With 60 hours of hands-on math lessons, this bundle can help beef up your knowledge in algebra, statistics, and calculus so you can work your way to a successful engineering career. You'll develop a strong intuition and understanding of several math concepts, so you don't have to rely on memorization alone. Typically $1,195, the bundle is on sale for $20.

Don't just rely on apps to trade stocks. This bundle schools you in investing, Candlestick, day, volume, and stock trading, allowing you to become a master trader and grow your wealth. It's usually $1,000, but it's on sale for $20 for a limited time.

If you're only choosing one skill to learn to boost your resume, programming is the smartest choice. This course package amps up your skills in coding with over 270 hours of content on the world's leading programming languages, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, C++, and more. Normally retailing for $4,056, it's now on sale for $20.

Did you know that a lot of companies rely on Microsoft Azure's computing services to function? In this bundle, you'll get to train to become a Microsoft Azure professional and help various organizations deploy and manage applications using the platform. For just $20 (MSRP $1194), you get expert-backed training from the likes of Scott Duffy and Anand Nednur.

Unleash your inner rockstar with this 14-part training on playing the guitar. You'll go from beginner to expert with extensive courses on guitar chords, notes, scales, strumming techniques, and more. Originally $2,800, it's on sale for $20 for a limited time.

Not all forms of hacking are bad. This bundle introduces you to ethical hacking, a technique that pinpoints an organization's vulnerabilities and finds ways to correct them. You'll receive lessons on pen testing, networking scanning, cloud security, and the like. The bundle is usually $1,800, but you can get it for only $20.

With 35 hours of training on blockchain development and solidity, not only will this bundle demystify cryptocurrency, but it'll also teach you how to create your own blockchain-powered apps from scratch. Typically retailing for $1,200, it's now on sale for $20.

Open yourself up to new communities with this bundle on American Sign Language. It contains essential lessons that you can use in conversing using ASL, from the alphabet to phrases used every day. Usually $4,179, it's on sale for $20.

Build your own mini-robots with this bundle that introduces you to Raspberry Pi and Arduino. You'll learn how to create robot projects from scratch, from putting together the hardware to programming them to work the way you want them to. Normally $995, you can get it on sale today for $20.

Improve your creative prowess with this bundle that features courses on watercolor painting. Across 46 hours of beginner-friendly content, you'll master painting techniques, explore painting skies, trees, foliage, and flowers, and learn the secrets to making your paintings vibrant. It usually goes for $1,393, but you can get it on sale for $20.

Make the most out of Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel with this bundle that is focused on teaching you how to sort, analyze, and report data using digital spreadsheets. You'll get a solid primer on Power BI and SQL, too. Grab the bundle on sale for $20 (MSRP $2,200).

Receive over 70 hours of training on deep learning, machine learning, Python, and more with this jam-packed bundle. You'll get to build a fundamental understanding of AI and start building your own AI-based projects. It usually goes for $2,388, but it's on sale now for $20.

Elevate your math skills with this bundle that centers on the concepts you never bothered to learn in high school. You can expect to get reacquainted with exponents and logarithms, complex numbers, square and cubic roots, and so much more. Love math again for only $20 (MSRP $1,800).

Make cinema magic with this bundle that teaches you how to shoot incredible aerial footage. You'll also learn how to refine and edit shots, as well as various methods of shooting. It usually goes for $1,400, but you can get it on sale for $20.

NFT remains an often confusing concept, but with this bundle, not only will you get to have a deeper understanding of what a non-fungible token is, but you'll also learn how to trade your own art and trade cryptocurrencies. Formerly $1,200, the bundle is on sale for just $20.

Become an industry-ready programmer with this 8-part training on all things Java. You'll learn the ins and outs of the language and get the chance to build all sorts of applications and projects. Get it on sale for only $20 (MSRP $1,600).

Create websites, develop games, build interactive 3D web applications, and more with this beginner-friendly bundle. Become a master programmer by taking courses (rated as high as 4.4/5 stars) zeroing on C++, Bootstrap, HTML, Three.js, and more. It's usually $1,200, but you can grab it on sale for $20.

Prices subject to change.

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